There are sixteen SAG healthcare centres throughout Amsterdam. There is always one in your neighborhood.
On the map you can see where the nearest center is located.

Why choose for a SAG healthcare centre?

  • All SAG healthcare centres are open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Most SAG healthcare centres offer consulting hours early in the morning and in the evening hours.
  • All SAG healthcare centres make clever use of online and mobile communication. You can, for instance, consult your physician within a secure internet environment and you can order repeat prescriptions online.
  • The SAG is a substantial, innovative organisation with many specialized professionals.
  • Most SAG healthcare centres include a pharmacy, physiotherapists, blood collection points and other forms of primary care.
  • At SAG healthcare centres you can also have tests done for which you previously had to visit a hospital, like lung function tests and EKG’s.
  • You will be registered to one specific GP. In case of absence, a GP out of his/her team will always be available.
  • We deliver expert care to nearly 90.000 people throughout Amsterdam. Though our care is personal, to suit you as a person.