Dutch GP care

A new country, but what about your health?
Moving to another country is a lot to handle. Many things to take care of while you still have to get accustomed to this new place. However, healthcare is one of those things you should take care of right away.

Do you have a GP?
All Dutch occupants who live and work here, are obliged to have a healthcare insurance and a General Practitioner. Being registered to a GP also lowers the healthcare costs compared to visiting first aid or a hospital. There are GP’s who run a solo practice and GP’s who work in healthcare centres.

Why choose a GP in a healthcare centre?
In a healthcare centre you will find your GP, but also other healthcare professionals like physiotherapists and pharmacists. Therefore, it is easy to coordinate various appointments and it enables better teamwork. Better and faster care by more professionals, and all behind one door.

Health insurance 2019
All insurance providers have announced their premiums for 2019. Increases in premium are considerable (up to 12 € per month) but vary considerably from provider to provider. You now have the option to look for a better deal and for instance switch to another insurance provider or make changes to your policy. If you want switch provider or make changes in your current policy, do so no later than December 31st! This newsletter presents a number of subjects that may help you to find out what is best for and your family going into the new year.